Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide To Personal Loans

Personal loans are specifically designed to finance personal expenses.  It is popular among people looking at loan products to consolidate their debts. It can be used to finance different personal needs such as purchasing a car or cash to cover medical or educational expenses, among others.

Common types of personal loans include Car loans and Lifestyle loans.  Personal loans can be secured—requires the need of collateral to secure the loan—or and Unsecured—does not require a collateral, which can include real estate property (house and lot or land) or vehicles (cars/tractors/equipment).  

Why should you get personal loans?

The application process is easy, and some lenders can render same-day approval. It is a good way to get cash for various personal expenses-including consolidating his multiple credit card debts and his personal loan--and just one pay one loan instead.

One can also use personal loans to finance his personal expenses such as health, education, and even travel expenses, among others.

Other purposes of personal loans

Personal loans are a good option if you intend to consolidate multiple debts into one—for convenience purposes.  A source of cash to finance other personal expenses.

Who should get personal loans?

Only those who are in dire needs of cash for personal expenses that need immediate funding should get a personal loan. It’s easy to fall into a debt trap with personal loans.

Since many people fall into a debt trap with personal loans, only those with a stable and continuous source of income should get this loan or any other loan type for that matter.

Anyone looking at consolidating their debts into one loan

Personal loan process

Eligible applicants can directly go to lenders, but this gives him few options in terms of interest rates. Lenders differ on their requirements and interest rates, so it’s preferable to check with a specific lender that specialises in personal loans for better results.

That’s where Intellichoice Finance comes in, we specialize in personal loans and we have lenders that have been dealing with clients with successful personal loans applications in the past 18 years.  


Darin Hindmarsh is the founder and CEO of Intellichoice Finance, a Brisbane-based mortgage broking company that was established 18 years ago. He was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2020 Australian Mortgage Awards - Pepper Money Broker of the Year – Specialist Lending. If you want to jump start your home loan application, please our online home loan application page today! 

Friday, October 2, 2020

Things To Consider Before Getting A Home Loan

Getting a home loan is already an overwhelming endeavor for most people. But considering the current economic situation, this has become a more intimidating process for many.

With the current economic condition, getting a home loan has become more challenging and as such, requires more research and effort from home buyers to avoid unnecessary stress.

Since home loans long term commitment, it requires a thorough effort from planning stage to moving in stage. Each phase of the process is emotionally taxing.

What are home loans?

Home loans are types of loans that are specifically designed for individuals who are looking at getting their own house or property. In Australia, it is by far the most popular way towards home ownership.

Since getting home loans is generally a long-term commitment that is primarily taken out by individuals primarily towards owning a house, choosing which home loan type that fits your need is important.

Home loan repayments can take up to 30 years, in most cases, so it requires a lot of considerations before you should jump in.

Technical aspects

In order to avoid paying the lenders' mortgage insurance (LMI), try to set aside at least 20% deposit for the loan. The higher the deposit is, the lower your loan will be. Although you will not benefit from the LMI, which is a one-time fee, it will, however, protect the lender should you fail to pay for the loan. 

Depending on your needs, there are specific types of loans just for that.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor or a senior looking at cash to finance your daily expenses, there’s a specific loan type for you.

Knowing the perfect loan type based on your personal circumstance is a key to a seamless and worry-free experience.


Darin Hindmarsh is the founder and CEO of Intellichoice Finance, a Brisbane-based mortgage broking company that was established 18 years ago. He was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2020 Australian Mortgage Awards - Pepper Money Broker of the Year – Specialist Lending. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Intellichoice Finance’s Darin Hindmarsh Finalist In AMA 2020 Specialist Lending Awards

 Intellichoice Finance

The Australian Mortgage Awards, the most prestigious mortgage award-giving body in the mortgage
sector in the country, named Darin Hindmarsh as among the finalists under specialist lending category. 

Among numerous nominations from brokers and mortgage practitioners from all over the country, Hindmarsh has been shortlisted in this year’s Australian Mortgage Awards - Pepper Money Broker of the Year – Specialist Lending. 

Hindmarsh is the CEO and founder of Intellichoice Finance, a Brisbane-based company he established some 18 years ago. 

His story of tragedy, personal struggles, and professional challenges did not damp his spirit to continue what he started. Carrying those experiences with him, he persevered to rebuild his broking firm a year ago to its former glory. 


With his almost two decades of industry experience, Hindmarsh continues to help Australians fulfil their dreams of living in their own house. Staying true to its name, Hindmarsh’s Intellichoice encourages its clients to make intelligent choices in making their dreams come true. 

Intellichoice Finance is a broking firm in Brisbane, Australia that specialises in personal finance, particularly owner-builder loans. To know more about their services, you visit their website today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Darin Hindmarsh and Rod Page explaining insurance for farmers

Mt Isa Rodeo

We've decided in the office, we all need to get to this one!

Friday, June 15, 2012

As part of our commitment to truly understanding the issues faced by farmers, we took a quick day trip out past Samford to
Gorgeous day but it gave everyone a new perspective on what hard work a pineapple farm is. (Except Rodney who did it for 10 years)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Working hard in Proserpine

Next on the list was Proserpine. They had been cut off a couple of days before but we were lucky enough to get through.
We did the morning session in Proserpine then went to Ayr.
The concerns and questions areslightly different in each region.
The weather patterns are different and that changes things.
Even though succession is really important, right now many farmers are also dealing with more immediate issues. What is going on with the local mills? How are we going to get our crops harvested?
My advice is always to focus on what you can control and do your best to get that sorted. You can’t control the weather. You can’t control government regulation.What you can control is the fact that you can insure against income/ partner lose and methods of evaluation.
We are trying to give farmers the control back that they feel like they are losing by helping them develop a strategic financial plan that will help carry them through.